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Data Portability

They're your stories, forever. Even if you stop using the app.

It is my firm belief that you should always have access to the things you create and do what you wish with them. Over the years various companies and apps have made it difficult to access your data in a way that is easy to browse and use. They use proprietary formats internally and limit exports to just what is legally required of them (GDPR).  The resulting exports are often difficult to browse and are cluttered with lots and lots of metadata that is useful to some folks, but often you just want your content.

With SnugStories, I use your phone's sandbox filesystem for storage and have enabled sharing of the content folder with Finder. You can easily drag it from your phone to your desktop, and back. 

You can share stories with people or yourself for a backup by long-pressing any story on the bookshelf.

Your stories are yours 🤲

  • Your stories will never be held hostage behind a paywall

  • Anything you create in the app can be easily shared

  • Anything you create can be moved from the app to your computer

  • Data portability is your right


The data isn’t locked behind a proprietary format only this App can read, nor is it organized in such a fashion that makes it difficult to browse. Everything is stored in standard file formats you can use on just about any computer.

  • Photos are in PNG format.

  • Audio is in MPEG4 AAC format.

  • Each story is organized in a separate folder which contains a metadata.json file that describes the story name and id number and later will contain other useful information.

  • Each story has a subfolder containing the audio files for the story.

  • Each reader’s audio for a given story is contained in a single audio file.

Furthermore, you can export your stories one-by-one from the bookcase at any time. The exported story is compressed into a single “ZIP” file containing everything you would need to add the story to another phone, back up, or share with others.

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