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App Developer by trade, stay-at-home dad, pilot, and serial hobby acquirer

I started my career working at UpToDate helping doctors find the information they needed to help treat their patients. There I developed what I would later finally realize was my true passion- building things that help people and society in a tangible way. 

I left UpToDate to join Apple where I helped ensure the Apple Online Store would remain functional across software releases. It didn't provide the excitement and joy I was hoping for, so I joined a new product team- iTunes U. There I helped build a product that enabled many to learn new skills, trades, and start new careers. Towards the end of my tenure, I was leading the app development team responsible for the iTunes U app. I left to join my previous manager at Twitter, working on making Twitter a safer place for all. After a while I decided to join forces with a recently acquired company at Twitter named Fabric. Twitter fell on hard times and sold my department to Google. 

At Google I re-focused on building developer tools to help app developers automate their releases with fastlane ( After a couple years, I decided I wanted to get back to my roots of building products that help people learn. I took on the role of tech lead for the iOS app Science Journal. Eventual loss of organizational support inside Google led us to open source the product and then transfer it to our good friends at Arduino. At that point I pivoted into managing a team that built automation to improve Google Engineering's use of GitHub. After a year I felt the urge to work at a smaller, more agile company. I had a close friend recommend me a company- RevenueCat. I knew the founders, and it was slightly smaller than Google, at 22 people.

I joined RevenueCat to help developers make in-app subscriptions work better for them and their customers. Within a week I had jumped into migrating their iOS codebase from Objective-C to Swift. Having that hands-on, no roadblocks, only consensus to block our progress felt great. Everybody was super smart and focused on delivering the best products and code to customers. After completing a few projects, I took on managing a feature team full of these talented engineers. Eventually my family headed off to the east coast to spend summer time with relatives and I stuck around in the west for a couple months. I felt a huge draw to spend the rest of the summer with family and so I resigned and joined them. I've been spending time learning, building, and doing stay-at-home dad things. In between the chaos of a modern household and the small moments of calm, I found inspiration for my next project - SnugStories. A story-telling app aimed at solving a few of my family's largest challenges: staying connected to family and friends when we're all located so far apart with the added bonus of helping our little one enjoy some restful quiet time.

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